Visum für Unternehmer

The German immigration law provides for the possibility of getting residency permits for business purposes, if you plan to invest in Germany. The requirements for the issue of the residency permit are very complicated and not every applicant can provide for them.

The requirements are, aside from the usual requirements according to the German immigration law (that the foreigner’s subsistence is secure, including health insurance,  that there is no public interest in expelling the foreigner, that the foreigner has a valid passport, etc.) following:

1. An economic interest or regional need need applies, 

2. The activity is expected to have positive effects on the economy and

3. The foreigner has a personal capital or an approved loan to realize the business idea.

For freelancers, artists and graduates of German universities there is a simplified process.

The process of applying for a residency permit because of a business idea is very complicated and time-consuming. I can help you from the scratch and guide you through the process application.