Political asylum. Refugee status.

People coming to Germany because of persecution in their countries or because of  illness, or fleeing from a war, they should get protection.

In Germany this protection can be offered through the recognition of political asylum or refugee status.

In order to achieve that protection it is needed to file an application before the federal office for refugees (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge - BAMF).

Although you can file this petition on your own, it is always advisable to be represented by a lawyer specialized in immigration law, because BAMF doesn’t always look for your best interest. Many times they reject applications which should be have been granted.

On top of that, the asylum laws change usually very quickly over the time and this field is getting more and more complicated, therefore having and a specialized lawyer on your side is a big advantage

We can help you already before you file a petition, accompany you to the mandatory hearing, and in case of a rejection of your application, we can file the needed appeal before the administrative court.